Workflow (EDI)

Transaction: PPOCE

Need to include the steps to setup an org hierarchy for EDI

Within EDI, only workflow tasks are used in the default scenario rather than full-blown Workflow. Notification is the key aspect of this. Orchestration, by default, is not provided. Workflow, by default, is only used for handling errors on inbound documents..

Workflow groups are defined in Workflow setup. The partner profiles then indicate the groups to which errors are forwarded. If no groups are defined at the partner level, then the IDoc Administrator is informed of the errors.

Notification Chain

When an error occurs with an IDoc, SAP looks for someone to notify at the most specific level (the partner and message). If one isn't found, then it checks the next level up.

If no one is specified at any level (rare), then SAP just notifies everyone on the system.

What's checked?
Where it's setup/specified
Partner Message
WE20, on each message for each partner
WE20, on the partner header screen
IDoc Administrator
Everyone on SAP
(aka "All Possible Agents")

Note: If workflow has not yet been configured by your Basis team, work with them to do the initial setup, usually using transaction code SWU3 while logged in as a user with all possible authorizations.

Note: If you want to alter the default workflow tasks, then you can use transactions WE40 and PFTC