IDoc Type or Basic Type

A document structure that describes the order in which fields and records occur, as well as what data type these fields will be. Also described is hierarchy, number of occurrences, etc.

An IDoc type is also version specific. I.e., ORDERS04 was released with a particular version of SAP and is generally "frozen" as-is. An IDoc type may be used across multiple messages, such as ORDERS04, which may be used by both ORDERS and ORDRSP.

Note: A "Basic IDoc Type" or "Basic Type" specifically refers to a standard, SAP-provided IDoc type. An "IDoc Type," on the other hand, may be either a standard SAP provided type, a custom type, or an extended Basic Type.

Message Type / Logical Message

A non-version specific internal message structure for a business message. I.e., ORDERS.


An instance of an IDoc type. That is, structure + real data.

EDI Subsystem

In non SAP parlance, and EDI Translator


Order to Cash process. Manages the stream from receipt of inquiry/quote/order to application of cash against account and invoice.


A logical bucket within SAP where IDocs are either picked up (inbound) or dropped off (outbound). For outbound, a port may also define how the IDoc is to be distributed.


Remote Function Call. Method of invoking services on remote machines. ALE uses something similar called tRFC, or Transactional RFC.