Welcome to the FREE SAP wiki!

Are you tired of worshiping at the temple of the secret knowledge? Tired of paying through the nose for consultants and classes where you spend big bucks to learn the secret truths that really should be documented in the first place?

So are we! Here's a free place to document the hidden features, undocumented settings, and general good stuff for us all to see, use, and share. Everything is published under the GNU Free Documentation license, so you're free to copy it, adapt it, print it off, or whatever. And since this is a wiki, you can easily share your own knowledge just by using the edit button.

It's time to unlock the power of SAP. And not spend a gazillion dollars doing it. Enjoy!

Topics Being Liberated

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  1. EDI
  2. SD
  3. Basis
  4. ABAP
  5. SAPgui
  6. Useful Tables
  7. SAP Certification.


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  2. Recommended SAP books
  3. Online ALV Report Generator(ALVrobot)
  4. Translate German to another language using Google Language Tools

Fun Stuff

This wiki will always be a work in progress. If you see something that needs completion or correction, just click the edit button and make it right! We're learning, too. And, obviously, this wiki is completely unaffiliated with SAP.